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Why Install Backyard Privacy Screens?

Whilst the weather might be starting to cool down, that does not mean you should stop using your backyard and outdoor entertaining areas. With a few outdoor heaters (or a fire pit) and some cozy chairs, you can enjoy time with friends and family all year round. One of the common concerns many homeowners have is that their backyard is too open and lacking in privacy, but there is a very simple solution for this dilemma. By installing privacy screens, you can make full use of your alfresco areas without needing to worry about the prying eyes of neighbours and passers-by. Here are a few of the top benefits of installing a privacy screen from Railsafe in your backyard today.

Maximise Space with Clearly Defined Living Areas

Privacy screens can create the illusion of having more space, as they will clearly define the boundaries of your outdoor areas whilst also providing additional shelter. This makes them a great alternative to costly renovations and extensions, as you can create high quality outdoor living areas which add value to your home and make entertaining a breeze. Many homeowners choose to create an outdoor barbecue space in addition to relaxation zones which are perfect for relaxing in a hammock with a glass of a wine and a good book. With privacy screens, the whole household can enjoy a little slice of paradise to themselves.

Take Shelter from the Elements

Australian’s love spending time outdoors, but we all know that the weather has a mind of its own. One minute you may be enjoying the sunshine and the next you’re experiencing rain and wind. The great thing about privacy screens is that they provide additional shelter from the elements, helping to block the suns UV rays, providing protection from wind and minimising the amount of rain entering your outdoor space. This means you can enjoy entertaining friends and family all year round in comfort and style.

Take Back Your Privacy

Sick of your neighbours peering over into your backyard? Hoping to make use of your front lawn but worried about traffic and passers-by? A privacy screen will enable you to take back your privacy so that you can enjoy the peace and solitude without needing to worry about nosy neighbours and passers-by. Many people also like to install privacy screens near the washing line. Simply put, a privacy screen keeps your private space private, which is exactly how it should be.

Enhance Your Garden

Privacy screens make a great feature piece too, especially when placed against a drab concrete wall or tired old fence. There are many designs to choose from, and privacy screens can be modern or rustic in style depending on your preferences. Privacy screens are also commonly used to shield wheelie bins and water tanks from view. Another great option is to use your privacy screen with a trellis, covering it with an array of colourful flowers and enhancing the natural beauty of your garden.

Affordable and Effective

Why go to the trouble and expense of building a wall or fence when a privacy screen can do the same job at a fraction of the price? Made from powder-coated aluminium, your screen will stand up to the elements and provide many years of service. It’s also incredibly easy to maintain, just give it a clean every now and then and it will look as good as new.

Regain Your Privacy Today – Contact RAILSAFE For a Quote

Take back your privacy and start planning for your next outdoor celebration or get together, contact RAILSAFE for an obligation free quote. As a leading provider of privacy screens in Sydney, we are committed to sourcing and installing practical, attractive privacy screens to suit the needs of our customers. Call now on (02) 9905 8773 to discover the right solution for your property.

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