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Why Glass Balustrades are Superior to Wire Balustrades

Glass VS Wire Balustrades

Homeowners are spoiled for choice when it comes to balustrades, but the decision making process should not be taken lightly as you may end up with something you regret. Oftentimes individuals become enamoured with wire balustrades commonly found on the decks of beachside properties in addition to mezzanines, staircases and internal facades of some of the most prized real estate. Whilst wire balustrades may please the eye, they are certainly not the most practical or safe choice in many cases. In this blog post, RAILSAFE will be highlighting 5 reasons why glass balustrades are a better choice so that you can make an informed and confident purchase decision.

Protection Against the Elements

The Australian climate is highly variable, with some parts of Australia experiencing significant fluctuations in temperatures at both ends of the scale. This means that no matter whether you live in a hot or cold climate region, your balustrade could make the difference between being comfortable and miserable. Wire balustrades will allow freezing winds and rain to pass through with ease, whilst glass balustrades act as a barrier against weather and make for a comfortable and relaxing space. Wire balustrade systems might make sense indoors, but for decks and balconies we believe frameless glass to be a much better choice.


Modern glass and wire balustrade systems must conform to strict safety standards, and they will both provide protection against falls. However, if you have young children or pets, the gaps between the wires may represent a safety hazard you’d rather avoid.  Young children often use the balustrade wires as climbing frames, hence why wire designed balustrades cannot be used for balconies that protect a fall over 5m. Toughened glass provides a more effective barrier against intrusion of foreign objects, and there is no risk of getting limbs caught between the wires.

Enjoy the View

Those who install frameless glass balustrade systems enjoy sweeping panoramic views, without wires getting in the way. You will also enjoy greater natural light flow which will improve the ambience of the adjacent area and give an illusion of having more space. If you own a beachside property or a piece of prime real estate with views, you owe it to yourself to capitalise on your good fortune with a glass balustrade rather than a wire one.

Reduced Noise

No one likes to live in a noisy environment. Glass balustrades can help reduce noise levels such as passing traffic, as these sound waves will rebound away from your property. A wire balustrade will have no effect on noise levels, as everything will pass right through.

Ease of Maintenance

Both glass and wire balustrades are durable and will last many years provided you order from a quality supplier and it is installed by a professional. However, you should bear in mind that wire ropes may need to be tightened on a periodic basis, and you should also watch out for any sharp bits which may occur due to weathering and age. Glass balustrades simply need a quick wipe down with a soapy cloth and they’ll come up as good as new.

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