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Why a Glass or Aluminium Privacy Screen is a Great Investment

Sydney is a great place to live, and as a homeowner there is nothing better than enjoying the fresh air and sunshine in your own backyard. Whilst homeowners go to great efforts to maintain a beautifully manicured lawn and garden, few are fortunate enough to enjoy complete privacy. It is for this reason that many homeowners install backyard privacy screens, allowing them to relax and make the most of their alfresco surrounds. Whilst cheap mesh screens exist, these typically don’t last long as they are prone to rapid weathering and tearing.  We believe it’s best to skip the mesh and go straight for a glass or metal screen instead. Investing in a glass or aluminium backyard privacy screen could be one of the best investments you make, here are five reasons why.

Immediate, Permanent Privacy

The primary reason people consider installing a privacy screen is to gain total privacy. The backyard is used for a range of activities including dining, entertaining, ball games and many other everyday activities enjoyed by families and singles alike. Many homeowners invest in high quality furniture and outdoor equipment to build their ideal outdoor space, and it’s important to feel safe and secure and keep prying eyes out. Temporary solutions for privacy exist, but they often end up being more hassle than they are worth. With a glass or metal privacy screen, you enjoy immediate, permanent privacy and never have to worry about prying eyes again. 

Aesthetic Appeal 

Nothing damages the aesthetic appeal of a garden more than an ugly, weathered cloth or piece of mesh being used as a privacy screen. A glass or metal screen on the other hand will instantly lift the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area, adding visual interest and a focal point which can help to highlight other features such as water fountains or exotic plants. There’s no shortage of colour, design and style options to choose from so you can rest assured your new privacy screen will suit your home beautifully. Another great benefit is that privacy screens can be used to keep unsightly bins, compost heaps and clothes lines out of view. 

Guard Against the Elements

There’s nothing worse than a windy day or the harsh sun beating down on your skin and plants. A privacy screen can offer an extra layer of protection against wind and sun, allowing air to flow freely, reducing heat and UV rays and enabling you and your guests to enjoy your time outdoors. This protection can also help to extend the life of your outdoor furniture, which will be less affected by exposure to the sun. 

Easy Maintenance

Glass and metal privacy screens are by far the easiest to maintain as they are durable, resist corrosion and look great all year round. Mesh screens on the other hand can be a maintenance nightmare, as they often require repairs to be made and regular cleaning to maintain their appearance. Privacy screens can be used in both covered and outdoor areas, and with powder coating you can enjoy improved resistance against fading and chipping. 

Cheaper Alternative to Fencing or Walls

Why go to all the expense of installing a brick wall or a fence when a privacy screen can solve your problem for a fraction of the cost? Railsafe aim to deliver cost effective solutions which stand the test of time, so you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor areas without worrying about extra expense and time spent on maintenance. 

Get a Privacy Screen in Sydney – Call Railsafe Today

Looking to regain your privacy and enhance your outdoor areas? Railsafe are one of Sydney’s leading suppliers of privacy screens. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on (02) 9905 8773 or email to arrange an obligation free quote. 

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