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What Materials Complement Glass Pool Fencing?

Glass Pool Fencing

Australian’s love their outdoor space and spending days by the pool, and what better way to capitalize upon your investment than by opting for a glass pool fence. As an environmentally friendly option that is transparent and easy to clean, your pool and entertaining area will look like a million dollars. You may be wondering whether or not glass will fit in with your outdoor aesthetic, and let us assure you that it most certainly will. In this blog post Railsafe will be highlighting some of the best materials and features to complement your glass pool fencing. Whether you’re backyard already incorporates these or you are looking to refresh your outdoor area, you’re bound to love the results. 

Why Glass Pool Fencing Makes Sense for Any Outdoor Space

It is important to consider the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space. Beautifully landscaped gardens and a clean pool are always a pleasant sight to see, but having an old, tired fence in the way can seriously dampen the appeal. Perhaps you have an existing metal fence, and these tend to give off an industrial vibe. On the other hand, wooden fences are more natural but they are prone to damage and require constant maintenance. It is rare for either of these materials to be utilized well enough to create a truly memorable pool design. 

Glass simply makes a lot more sense, as it is as close to invisible as you can possibly get. This means it is suitable for all types of surroundings and will provide an instant lift to your property. Whether you’ve created a tropical oasis with palm tree fronds and blue tiling or a more industrial style with concrete and metal elements, glass will work incredibly well in your space whilst requiring very little upkeep. Think about how nice it would be to look out on your yard with an unimpeded view, taking in your beautiful landscaping and watching your family enjoy a swim in the pool. It is for these reasons and more that glass pool fencing has become so popular in recent years. It works incredibly well in any environment, maximizes the appeal of your property, complies with safety regulations and is easy to maintain. 

Styling Your Outdoor Space to Suit Glass Pool Fencing

Every outdoor space is unique. Pools can vary in size substantially, and they can be either tiled, stone-clad or even lined with pebblecrete.  No matter what kind of pool you have, glass pool fencing will accentuate its aesthetic appeal and give your deck a whole new lift. For newer homes many people like to opt for steel fittings on their pool fencing, but wooden fittings can be a great fit for older properties and those who have timber decks. 

Think about the type of plants, tiles, architectural features, tiling and other features you have in and around your pool. Once you’ve got your new glass pool fence installed, these vibrant and colourful features will be much more visible than they previously were. You may even wish to install a few new features or plants either before or after your glass pool fencing has been installed. Feel free to get creative and make your pool area the best it can possibly be!

You may like to use the following in or around your pool:

  • Poured Concrete
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Natural Timber
  • Spray Coating
  • Tiles
  • Statues
  • Art installations
  • Palm trees
  • Water Features

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