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Tips for Maximising Pool Safety This Summer

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Drowning is a common yet entirely preventable cause of unintentional death for Australian children, and as a pool owner it is important to keep pool safety at the front of your mind. With the weather starting to heat up, many of us will be spending our days in and around the pool. With this in mind, RAILSAFE have prepared a blog post centred around pool safety so that you can keep your friends and family safe around the pool this summer.

Compliant Pool Fence and Gate – Two Critical Elements of Pool Safety

It is not uncommon for many pools around Australia to be non-compliant with Australian Safety Standards. Whilst fines apply for having a non-compliant pool, councils lack the resources to oversee compliance of every pool in the country. It is therefore important to carry out your own checks and engage a reputable pool fencing company such as RAILSAFE if you have any doubts as to the safety of your existing fence or gate.

Many older properties do not have any gate at all around their pool, and this presents a significant safety risk for any children or pets who may be wandering around the poolside or surrounding area. If a fence has been in place for a few decades, it may be showing signs of damage or deterioration or potentially be non-compliant.

If you have noticed any damage or are concerned your existing fence may be non-compliant, please give us a call on (02) 9905 8773 and we’ll be more than happy to check your existing fence and provide an obligation free quote for a new, stylish and fully compliant fence from RAILSAFE.

My pool fence and gate are compliant, what else can I do?

Once you’ve ascertained your fence is compliant, you may wish to consider the following to help keep children safe around your pool area.

Supervision – An adult should always be present to monitor the activities of children in and around the pool. Supervision is commonly cited as the best way to prevent child drownings.

Check for Safety Concerns – Overgrown shrubs and tall trees directly adjacent to your pool fence should be trimmed or removed, as they present a climbing opportunity for children.

ALWAYS Shut the Gate – Pool gates should never be left open, even if you’re just popping inside for a minute.

Pack Pool Toys Away – Once your finished playing with them, pool toys should be stored safely out of sight. If left in the pool, children may be tempted to find a way in to retrieve them.

Take Care with Furniture Placement – If you have chairs or tables near your pool gate or fence, you should make sure that they are secure and/or of a sufficient weight such that children cannot move them in an attempt to scale the fence or unlatch the lock.

Looking to Upgrade Your Poolside Safety? Get a Fencing Quote from RAILSAFE Today

By remaining vigilant and ensuring an adult is always present when children are swimming or walking around the poolside, you can enjoy your pool this summer and reduce the risk of preventable drowning. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your pool fencing, RAILSAFE would be happy to provide you withrailsafe an obligation free quote. Please call our friendly team today on (02) 9905 8773.

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