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Tips for Cleaning Your Glass Balustrade

RAILSAFE are proud to provide customers with quality glass balustrades designed to enhance the appearance of your home or business. Cleaning is a part of life, and just about everything we own requires maintenance in order to perform and look its best. Glass balustrading is no different, so we thought we’d take the time to prepare a brief blog post with our top cleaning tips.

You’ve already made a great decision by choosing to install a RAILSAFE glass balustrade, now learn how to keep it looking it’s best all year round. We hope you find this helpful!

The Need for Cleaning

Smudges and finger prints will naturally build up on your glass over time, and this can detract from the overall appearance of your home. We can all agree that there is nothing better than looking through crystal clear glass, and this is not hard to achieve. Whilst some people may recommend the use of commercial glass cleaners, we don’t believe this is necessary – and in some cases these products can leave behind a sticky residue on your glass that can be very difficult to remove.

We’re big believers in keeping things simple, and you can expect exceptional cleaning results by following the below tips.

Soapy Water – Simple Yet Effective!

There’s no need to get technical or waste money on expensive cleaning products to clean your glass balustrade. All you need is a bucket of warm water, a lint-free cloth (e.g. microfibre) and some dishwashing liquid.

The cleaning process itself couldn’t be simpler, and it can be done by people of all ages. Just soak your cloth in the warm, soapy water and wipe up and down on all glass surfaces. We recommend cleaning the glass every 3 months in order to maintain optimal appearance.

What About Streaks?

Using a cloth can result in streaking and unsightly marks, as some water will naturally be left behind. The best way to prevent this is by using a squeegee. This will take care of any residual water, leaving your glass surface clean and clear. Simply wipe from top to bottom after cleaning and you’re done.

DIY Window Cleaner for Dried on Debris

Before you rush out to the store in search of industrial grade cleaner, you should check the pantry first. This DIY solution is ideal for cleaning off dried dirt, bird droppings and other dried-on debris. To make it, simply combine:

  • 1 Cup Water
  • 1 Cup Rubbing Alcohol
  • 1 Tablespoon White Vinegar

This solution is fast-acting and will break down just about anything. Simply spray it onto the affected area and wait a couple of minutes before wiping away, or use a cloth soaked in the solution.

Weather Conditions

It is best to clean glass either in the evening or on an overcast day. Harsh sun will cause water to evaporate much quicker, leaving behind streaks and residue.

Need Further Assistance? Contact RAILSAFE Today

Not only are glass balustrades exceptionally beautiful to look at, they’re also incredibly easy to maintain. All it takes is a little bit of elbow grease and a few household ingredients to keep your glass crystal clear all year round, and this is just one reason why glass balustrades are gaining rapid traction within the Australian market.

RAILSAFE would love to show you the difference that a glass balustrade could make to your home or business. We bring you award winning designs with superior craftsmanship, and we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Please contact us today for an obligation free quote – we look forward to assisting you.

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