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The Risks of DIY Pool Fencing

The swimming pool is one of the most coveted features of any Australian back yard, particularly over the scorching summer months. People of all ages love to spend time in and around the pool, which is why safety is of the utmost importance. Pool fencing is the first line of defence against drowning, and any errors made during the installation process could lead to injury or accidental drowning. Whilst it can be tempting to save a few dollars by going the DIY route for pool fencing, it can actually end up being a costly and time consuming endeavour with potential for safety oversights. By engaging a reputable Sydney pool fence installation company such as Railsafe, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your fence is safe, compliant and built to a quality standard. 

Here’s why we always recommend going for a professional installation over DIY.  

The Problem with DIY Pool Fence Installations 

There are plenty of reasons why people consider DIY pool fence installation, with the most common being to save money on labour costs. Some people enjoy the process of installing fencing and may even choose to add a personal touch by changing colour or using different shapes. When the job is done, there is always a great feeling of accomplishment.  

Whilst DIY installs for regular fences can be a reasonable option, it is not advisable when it comes to pool fencing. Not only are there a great deal of regulations to get your head around, but it is also a very time intensive and stressful process – particularly if you have no prior experience.  

At a minimum, you will need to ensure: 

  • Your pool fence is compliant with height regulations 
  • You are able to source all the necessary materials for installation 
  • Your fixings are of a good quality to last the life of your pool fence 
  • You maintain a consistent appearance all the way around your pool area 

As you can imagine, there is plenty of room for error. Even a simple mistake can cause major issues or potentially even render your pool fence non-compliant, leading to lost time and hours of frustration as you attempt to rectify it.  

Professional Installs are Hassle Free 

Wouldn’t you rather have a safe, compliant pool fence installed quickly and efficiently by a professional team you can trust? That’s exactly what you get when you engage Railsafe. Our team have years of experience in designing and installing quality pool fences and balustrade systems. You can count on us to provide the right advice, and you will be given a detailed estimate of the total cost along with a completion timeframe to avoid any unwanted surprises.  

Railsafe have been designing and installing pool fences for more than 40 years, delivering: 

  • Professional and fully compliant pool fencing Sydney installations 
  • Style and quality which enhances the appearance of your property and pool surrounds 
  • Quick and efficient service 
  • The best quality materials  
  • 7-year workmanship warranty 

Don’t Risk Disaster – Get a Professionally Installed Pool Fence by Railsafe 

A pool fence is an essential safety measure, and it’s simply not worth taking any risks when it comes to safety. Opting for a professional install will save you time and money, and you will benefit from dedicated support and advice. As a leading provider of pool fencing in Sydney, Railsafe would welcome the opportunity to quote for supply and install of a quality pool fencing solution which meets your needs and budget.  

Call today on (02) 9905 8773, or email We look forward to assisting you.  

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