Consultants for glass and aluminium balustrades and pool fencing

Installation of balustrades and pool fences can do wonders to your home or commercial property. However, before undertaking any such project, it is important for you consider several factors.  Given the technical nature of the job, it is often difficult for a homeowner to make the correct decisions related to these projects. This is why you need an expert to clear doubts related to different aspects of your balustrades and handrails Sydney project.

As one of the leading balustrades and pool fencing Sydney contractors, we ensure that correct decisions are made in all phases of the project. Our consultants are always at hand to help, whether it is cost reduction, designing, selection of material, regulatory requirements, installation, or avoiding potential roadblocks.

We sometimes come across customers that find it difficult to choose between glass and aluminium balustrades. There is no denying the fact that both are excellent investments for your building with their own merits. Our experienced consultants can help you make the right choice after a thorough inspection of the site and understanding your exact needs. Based on your requirement, they may also recommend a custom designed balustrade tailor-made for you.

While building a new house, adding an extension or completing remedial works to a strata block, the building owners must remember that there are certain regulations to be followed. Though these regulations are intended to ensure your safety, we can understand how difficult it is for you to take care of these requirements. Our consultancy service allows you to sit back and relax, as we take all necessary steps to ensure that your balustrades and handrails are compliant with the latest regulations.

Installation is another area where our consultancy service may be useful for you. In case of common issues in the site such as poorly laid tiles, waterproofing details, water services or electric lines, close to the balustrade, installation of balustrades can be quite a challenge. Our expert consultants will provide you the right guidance to ensure successful installation and workplace safety in your project site.

These are just a few areas where our consultants can contribute towards the successful completion of your project. Please call us today to know more about our balustrades and handrails Sydney consultancy service and how we can help.