Computer Aided Design (CAD)

With the advent of modern technology, the idea of engineering drawing has been revolutionised by Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Gone are the days when engineers, draughtsmen, and designers used to struggle to deliver engineering drawing within their stipulated timeframe. Making things worse, these manual drawings used to have serious accuracy issues.

Today, CAD drawings are considered to be the accepted industry standard for any construction project. The qualified engineers and designers at Railsafe are highly proficient in CAD, and we have been utilising it for many years while creating all types of drawings for our clients.

Benefits of CAD over Manual Drafting

  • 2D or 3D drawings with an extremely high level of accuracy
  • 3D models for easy, understandable client analysis
  • The ability to draw to scale
  • Easy and convenient to create layout drawings
  • Allows flexibility to organise all drawing information
  • Conformity to industry standards by creating styles that can be applied consistently
  • CAD drawings can be maintained, saved, and delivered to different recipients without any hassles.
  • Quick turnaround time

Over the years, Railsafe has always been proactive about adopting the latest technological advances. In addition to CAD, we also make use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in many of our projects. This tool is ideal for design, planning, and construction, and allows our clients to visualise their ideas and our proposed solutions from all possible angles.

Please book an appointment with one of designing experts to find out more about the advanced tools we use to ensure the best possible outcome for your balustrades and handrails Sydney projects.