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Residential Uses of Glass Fencing

Residential Glass Fencing

Glass fencing has many applications around the home. In our previous blogs we’ve touched on glass pool fencing in some detail, but we’ve left our readers wanting more information about the residential applications of glass balustrades. There are several areas around the home where glass balustrades can create a sparkling aesthetic and work to complement the design of your home. These applications can all be handled by Railsafe, so finish reading and give us a call!

Glass fencing doesn’t block the vision, it actually provides additional windows to the outside that can increase the value of a property. When properly maintained, glass fencing offers a reflective surface that adds a shimmer to the front of a property and an elusive appeal of cleanliness. Glass balustrades are made from panels of glass connected by steel joints. They can be installed as a standalone feature or shapes to complement the aesthetic of building cladding of other façade augmentations. Balustrades are often seen on balconies, in gardens and on decks.


An alternative to clunky metal or wooden balcony railings are glass balcony balustrades. Metal and wooden balustrades are susceptible to rust and decay, and can require more maintenance than they’re worth to keep looking spotless. Glass balustrades on the other hand require just a wipe now and then, and will give a modern, sleek finish to the front of any house. Glass railings are safer too, as they don’t have gaps in between the panels where small limbs can get caught or cut.


Glass fences can add a unique look to any garden, and effectively segment different areas for different occasions. Glass fencing in the backyard and around the sides of the house can make the house seem approachable, which is great for residents who like to entertain. They can also add an element of order to an unruly backyard. For example, with glass fencing, children’s play areas can be kept apart from vegetable gardens or other backyard features that are susceptible to damage from young feet and hands.


Decks can be protected with a glass fence. When left open, people climbing directly on to the deck can scuff the floor and eventually lead to dents and scratches. By protecting the perimeter of the deck with a fence, you ensure home occupants and guests use only the correct means of access to your deck. Like in the garden, fencing around a deck can positively segment the backyard, so that the adults can wine and dine and the kids play on the grass.

For all glass fencing and balustrades, contact Railsafe today. We are the experts in the business and have over a decade of installing glass fencing to residential homes across Sydney. Reach out to us for a quick inspection and quote, and then rest assured that we will do a good job. We’re available seven days per week. Call today.

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