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Pool Fencing on a Budget – Aluminium Pool Fencing is Ideal

Whilst there’s no denying that glass pool fencing is the latest trend, they don’t always suit everyone’s personal taste, needs or budget. If you’re thinking about updating your pool fence to give your poolside a refresh, or simply to ensure compliance with the latest Standards, an aluminium pool fence is well worth considering. In this blog post, RAILSAFE will be sharing some insight into the types of aluminium pool fence available on the market and the benefits pool owners will enjoy.

Steel to Aluminium – Why it’s Worth Upgrading

Many homes built prior to the 1960’s were equipped with steel pool fences. Whilst steel is an exceptionally strong alloy, it is also prone to rust. Combine that with chlorinated water, changing weather patterns and a slew of pool chemicals being used nearby and soon you’ll be dealing with a whole host of maintenance issues. Powder coating can help to prevent premature rusting, but over time it will pick up plenty of nicks and scrapes which will need to be repaired. Steel fences are notoriously expensive to fix, largely due to the man hours required to weld or replace entire sections of the fence. It is a heavy material to work with, and once repairs are complete, you’ll probably need to do more work soon after.

Aluminium pool fences address all of steels shortcomings and are a more affordable, contemporary option for residential pools. Aluminium fencing is lightweight and quick to erect, and it stands up to harsh Aussie conditions. It is the strong reputation for durability, affordability, weatherproofing, rustproofing and reduced maintenance which has made aluminium pool fencing such a popular choice for Australian’s looking to upgrade their pool fence without breaking the bank.

The Range of Aluminium Fences

If you thought aluminium fences had to be boring, think again. There is an extensive range available on the market today, and within the RAILSAFE range you can even have the best of both worlds with combined aluminium/glass options. Due to its light weight, aluminium is easy to customise according to your preferences. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, and as long as the fence remains compliant with Australian Standards, we are happy to custom design aluminium pool fences for our customers.

Here are a few popular style options you might like to consider:

  • Traditional – simple aluminium pool fence with vertical bars
  • Flat Top fences – vertical tube bars which are fixed inside the flat horizontal lower and upper rails
  • Loop top fence – a stylish choice that distinguishes your poolside from the rest thanks to its tubular appearance
  • Double Top Fence – Add some extra height and visual interest with two upper horizontal rails

Aluminium fences have a natural coating of aluminium oxide, safeguarding against the effects of temperature, pool chemicals, moisture and air. You can also opt for powder coating, in which we use Dulux powder coating colours which either meet or exceed AS3715 – 2002 Australian standard. We’ve got a large range of colours available, so feel free to discuss your ideas and figure out what works best within your backyard.

Summary of Benefits – Steel Pool Fence Vs Aluminium

Steel is still a reasonable choice for industrial areas and for protection against break-ins, but it’s no longer the standard for residential pools. Glass or aluminium fencing has now surpassed it as the preferred option. Here’s an easy to digest table summarising the pros and cons of Steel Vs. Aluminium.


+ High Strength
– Prone to Rust
– Less Resistant to Pool Chemicals/Weathering
– Expensive to Repair
– Heavy and Difficult to Work With


+ Inexpensive
+ Lightweight
+ Durable – rust resistant
+ Easy to Repair
+ Customise to Suit any Landscape/Architectural Surrounds
+ Quick to Install
–  Easily dented, but repair costs are reasonable


Contact RAILSAFE Today

RAILSAFE are a market leader in aluminium pool fencing, and we’ve been operating in Australia for more than 30 years. With a strong reputation for customer service, quality products and long-term durability there is no better choice than a RAILSAFE aluminium pool fence. Make your pool compliant and give your backyard a style boost, contact us today for an obligation free quote.

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