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Maintaining Your Glass Balustrades

As with any transparent or reflective surface, glass can quickly become smudged or smeared with oil and dirt following any human contact, particularly from little ones who tend to become covered in mess with no prompting. When properly cared for, glass balustrades add a pleasing aesthetic to any outdoor or staircase area, reflecting light and adding a twinkle to your home’s façade. We have aimed to provide care and cleaning tips and tricks for glass balustrades so that you can maintain a beautiful home fit for display at all times. Continue reading for insights into best practice following installation of a glass balustrade in your home.

Smudges and Dirt

For common smudges and collections of dust, dirt and small debris, a household cloth with window cleaner will do a fine job of keeping your frameless glass balustrades or glass privacy screen clean and shiny. Simply spray and wipe in circles until the stains are no longer visible, then use water and a second cloth to wipe away any residue. Avoid using newspaper in place of cloth because the ink may run and stain your glass. Paper towels should similarly be avoided because they leave tiny paper filaments on your aluminium glass balustrade. Be sure to pay special attention to the handrail because it sees the most use, and don’t forget to polish the glass clamps too for added effect.

Maintain the Surrounding Areas

Anything that could potentially chip, damage or break glass should be kept a healthy distance from your balustrades. Think, heavy steel or ceramic ornaments or sporting equipment that is likely to get swung around. By making sure the area on your balcony or staircase is free from danger you sustain the lifecycle of your glass balustrades and ensure you don’t need to fork out unnecessary expense for repairs or replacement. Keep the surrounding areas just as clean as your glass to avoid unsightly contrast between sparkling clean balustrades and a backdrop covered in detritus.

Check Components for Stability

Glass can chip or crack at the slightest provocation. Be sure to check your glass balustrades regularly for chips and any signs of wobbling. In case you find either one of these problems, a professional service person will be able to provide a solution for you without any trouble.

Use Protection

If you want to keep your glass looking clean and clear for longer and reduce the risk of smudging, use glass surface protection

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