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How To Remove Unwanted Scratches On Glass Balustrades

Scratches on Glass

If you have had a glass balustrade installed for some time, you have probably observed some minor abrasions on the surface. These can happen for any reason. Scratches on glass can result from contact with projectiles thrown by children, from pets climbing up the glass or from the natural elements. In any case, you will probably want to repair the scratches at some point. We have prepared the following list of techniques you can use to remove unwanted scratches on glass balustrades. We explain how to repair minor scratches and repair deep scratches.

Repair Minor Scratches

Minor scratches on glass can result from any number of causes, like those listed above. The nature of repair work in this case is rather simple. There are a range of techniques you can use to fix up little dents and scratches in the glass.

  1. Toothpaste is one option you have to repair small scratches in your glass balustrade. Be sure not to use a gel-type toothpaste and instead use one that includes baking soda as an ingredient. Simply apply a little bit of toothpaste to a damp cloth and apply it to the scratch gently. Don’t press too hard or the toothpaste will get too deep in the crack.
  2. Baking soda is another alternative to toothpaste that you can use to repair scratches. Simply mix with water in a 50-50 mix and apply gently with a cloth until the scratches become invisible.
  3. Clear nail polish is another effective alternative to toothpaste and baking soda. Apply one layer, maybe two if the first isn’t enough to remove all visible scratches. Just be careful not to overdo it or the nail polish will stand out too much from the rest of the glass.
  4. Some types of wax paste can also be used. Obviously, it would be a clear wax that you would apply. Put it on in a thin coat and allow to dry. The wax will fill up the tiny scratches which you can then buff with a clean, soft new cloth. Always keep these cloths separate, just for this job; you do not want to stain the scratches by mixing materials.
  5. Ammonia is another material that can be used to fix scratches. Simply mix 15mL of ammonia with water and rub in a circular motion over the cracks. Make sure you have a window open nearby, though, or you may suffer some unintended effects.

Repair Deep Scratches

More serious scratches to glass will require significantly more work to remove.

  1. Buy a glass repair kit from Bunnings or your local hardware store. Apply the glass repair kit and sand over the top of the crack with a sanding disc until the scratch disappears.
  2. Jeweller’s rough is another compound that you may use to repair serious scratches. Apply using a lamb’s wool pad and buff the glass. You will need to rinse down the area with ammonia and water mix, watching out for fumes. Apply some nail polish over any areas that appear to be dull once all the other materials have dried.

Contact Railsafe

If your glass balustrade has suffered damage beyond what the techniques listed above can repair, or you want to buy one for the first time, contact Railsafe today on (02) 9905 8773.

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