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How High Should A Handrail Be?

How High Should A Handrail Be

Due to the structural role played by balustrades in the modern house, apartment blocks or commercial buildings, there are several regulations and codes that need to be complied with during design and construction.  Balustrade structural, and height regulations have been to ensure adequate fall protection exists on all balcony areas, irrespective of their usage.

All Railsafe’s balustrades systems are compliant with the Building Code of Australia regulations, are structurally engineered and certified  and exceed the stipulated safety requirements.

How High Does My Balustrade Have To Be?

The Building Code of Australia advises that a minimum 1metre high balustrade is required where there is a fall greater than 1 metre from a finished floor surface. . In other words, a deck less than one metre off the ground does not have to have a balustrade, although this may still be advised. Such advice is particularly relevant if small children are around.

Furthermore, balconies higher than four metres above the ground may not include any climbable elements between 150mm and 760mm of the floor, this is referred to as a ‘foothold’.

How High Should A Handrail Be On Stairs?

A balustrade should stand a minimum of one metre from the finished floor surface of the stair landing, and a minimum of 875mm above the stair tread nosing and with a clearance of not greater than 125mm.

Balustrades must be able to sustain the applied forces for the dwelling type as indictated by Australian Standards

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