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Glass Vs Wooden Balustrades – Why Glass is Superior

Everyone recognises the importance of a balustrade, as it is first and foremost a safety feature for staircases and balconies. There is no denying that a wooden balustrade can be a great option for many homes, but in most cases, glass could provide additional benefits and longevity. If you are having trouble deciding between wood and glass for your next balustrade, Railsafe are here to help you weigh up the pros and cons and make an informed decision.

Why is Wood a Popular Choice for Balustrades?

Wood has always been a popular choice for indoor and outdoor balustrade systems in residential homes, after all it is a familiar, natural material that has long been used in the design of staircases themselves. This lends wood a classic and timeless appeal which is favoured by many Australians, especially those who prefer traditionalism over contemporary design.

Being completely natural and often coming from sustainable sources, many people also believe wood to be a superior choice to manufactured or engineered alternatives. Wood is as pleasing to the eye as it is to touch, bringing warmth and familiarity to the home.

There are three main reasons why wood is so popular, those being:

  • Extensive Variety of Timbers to Choose From – from pine to hardwoods, oak, walnut, blackbutt, spotted gum and many more.
  • Many Different Finishes – wood can be left in its natural form, stained or even covered with carpet depending upon your preference.
  • Wide Array of Styles/Design Options – timber is easy to form and manipulate, enabling designers to express their creative flair and achieve fantastic results.

However, it is important to also be aware of the negatives of timber balustrades:

  • Prone to Rot – when used outdoors, timber will degrade over time and is also prone to rot. Indoors, it will start to show nicks and scrapes with daily use.
  • Termites – timber can be susceptible to pests including termites, which can cause extensive damage.
  • Maintenance – timber requires extensive maintenance in order to maintain its appearance. This includes reapplication of varnish and repairing damaged areas.

Why is a Glass Balustrade Superior?

With durable design, undeniable aesthetic appeal and minimal maintenance glass balustrades are a superior choice for residential and commercial properties. There is no need to worry about making repairs by replacing sections and re-applying varnish, because a glass balustrade system makes use of high-quality aluminium or stainless steel and toughened glass. Simply wash your glass panels and frame with a simple soap and water solution every couple of months, and it will continue to look as good as new. This makes glass a more cost effective and time effective choice for those with busy lifestyles.

You will also get to enjoy:

  • Improved visibility and penetration of natural sunlight
  • Unrestricted view
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal
  • Adding value to your property
  • Knowing that you are making an eco-friendly choice – glass is 100% recyclable

Transform Your Property – Contact Railsafe for a Quote Today

Glass balustrades have enhanced the appearance and value of countless Sydney homes and businesses, and Railsafe are proud to be one of Sydney’s leading glass balustrade companies. Contact us today on 02 9905 8773 to arrange an obligation free quote.

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