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Glass Pool Fencing – How Safe Is It?

One of the most common questions asked about glass pool fencing is “how safe is it?”. The answer to this question is that glass pool fencing is perhaps THE safest option for families and individuals, and it also offers outstanding aesthetic and durability benefits too. In this blog post, RAILSAFE will be sharing some insight into the safety aspects of glass pool fencing and why we believe it to be the superior choice.

Durability of Glass Pool Fencing

Many people have the misconception that glass pool fencing may not be safe around children, due to the risk of shattering. This is a reasonable assumption to make, as we’ve all dropped a wine glass at some point and witnessed the resulting mess. However, glass pool fencing is vastly different to standard glass. It is exceptionally durable and perfectly safe for use around your family pool. 

Here’s why glass pool fencing by RAILSAFE is an outstanding, safe choice for your poolside:

  • Made from Safety Toughened Glass – Our glass panels conform with Australian safety standards and have undergone a thorough research and testing process. Utilising chemical, thermal and other processes, we ensure our glass can withstand the tough Australian conditions and typical impacts which may occur around the poolside. 
  • Australian Standard 2820 Compliant – Residential pools are required to have a locking gate, and AS 2820 outlines the requirements for gates used with glass pool fences. All gates supplied by us are rated to last a minimum of 10,000 cycles (typically around 10 years of use). Our latches are also built tough to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Latches are also installed out of the reach of children, so that only a responsible adult can provide access to the pool area. RAILSAFE make no compromises when it comes to safety, and you can rest assured of receiving high-quality, safety-focussed products which are designed to last.
  • Height – Because glass pool fencing is required to be a minimum of 1200 mm in height, this makes it a very safe option for young families. Children will not be able to climb the fence due to its height, and unlike traditional fences, glass panels do not provide any foothold. It is not uncommon to hear of unfortunate drowning deaths, and often this is due to the installation of a poor-quality pool fence. For maximum safety, choose glass. 
  • Thickness – RAILSAFE glass pool fencing is between 10-12mm in thickness, which will withstand reasonable impacts without shattering. This is not to say that it is completely shatterproof, but under normal usage conditions it is a safe and appealing option. 
  • Minimal Gaps – Glass pool fence panels are installed close together, leaving minimal gaps for children and pets to squeeze through. For maximum safety, it is best to install pool fencing in a concrete surface to prevent pets or wildlife from digging underneath the fence. 

Safe, Durable, Low Maintenance and Aesthetically Appealing – Contact RAILSAFE Today

There’s a lot to love about glass pool fencing. If you’re looking for a low maintenance, highly appealing and safe option to protect your pool surrounds, it makes an ideal choice. You can see through the clear glass panels and easily keep an eye on children, expect a long service life, easily clean the panels with a cloth and soapy water and expect a service life exceeding that of alternative pool fencing options. 

Make an investment in safety and style today – contact RAILSAFE, the glass pool fencing experts with more than 30 years’ experience. Call us on (02) 9905 8773 to arrange an obligation free quote.

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