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Glass Balustrades – The latest trend that will transform your property

Whether you’re renovating your existing home or building from scratch, it’s important to consider the type of balustrade you would like to install. Whilst the traditional aluminium rail balustrade offers a classic appearance, it also impacts upon your view and doesn’t quite have the sense of elegance and style that glass balustrades offer. If you’re looking for a safe, visually appealing and easy to care for balustrade option that could add thousands to the value of your home, you simply can’t look past glass. Railsafe have been experiencing increased demand for this type of balustrade, so in this post we’ll be highlighting some of the main reasons why it is such a smart investment.

Aesthetic Appeal – Capitalise on your view

A clear glass balustrade means that you can take full advantage of your outlook without any obstruction. Glass balustrades provide the perfect window to your surroundings, whether it be the lush garden you have created or the waves crashing on the beach.  It will also highlight other structural elements of your home, for example you might have a beautiful architectural staircase, wooden decking or tiled balcony. Glass is also a popular option with families, as it allows you to keep a watchful eye on children as they move about the house or around the pool.

Maximise Sunlight

There’s nothing better than lazing around the pool on a hot summers day or enjoying a cool drink on your balcony. Glass will allow the sunlight to stream in and help to build a warm, open and inviting atmosphere. It’s also a great choice for inside your home, especially stairways which lack windows as it will make the space seem bigger.


Protection from falls is the primary purpose of any balustrade, and glass is arguably the safest of all. Railsafe use high quality toughened glass sourced from Australian manufacturers, and we specialise in both aluminium frame and frameless options. Put aside any preconceptions about glass being easy to shatter, as glass is now exceptionally durable and can withstand significant pressure. There are also less gaps than alternative balustrade options. This means that it is not only an excellent barrier against falls, it also reduces the likelihood of pets, children or wildlife getting caught between the gaps.

Easy Cleaning

Alternative balustrade options have lots of cracks and crevices which pick up dirt and can be tedious to clean. This is especially true for materials like timber, stainless steel, aluminium and wrought iron which can quickly start to look shabby. Cleaning glass is a breeze, all it requires is a simple wipe over using a cloth and water.

Choose your design

With glass you have freedom of choice, as you can opt for a frameless or framed design depending on your stylistic preference and budget constraints. You may also opt for mini post balustrade or infill balustrade, the choice is up to you.

The frameless design will give you a minimalist aesthetic with no gaps and is particularly effective for above ground balconies exposed to the wind. Alternative balustrades would allow the wind to either flow freely or blow through the gaps. A frameless glass balustrade provides shelter so that you can enjoy your space all year round, and it also makes it possible for you to grow plants without risk of damage due to the wind.

Glass Balustrade Specialists – Contact Railsafe Today!

At Railsafe we love working with glass, and we go to great lengths to ensure stunning results for our customers. Our glass balustrade designs come with a 7-year warranty and have undergone extensive certification processes to ensure long term safety and reliability. There are so many reasons to choose glass over alternative balustrade options, and we’d love to show you the difference it could make to the value and aesthetic appeal of your property. For expert advice and assistance with glass balustrades, please contact our team today.

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