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Glass Balustrade Installations – Everything you Need to Know

If you don’t know someone who has recently had a glass balustrade installed, you’ve probably seen the incredible results on television makeover programs or social media. Glass balustrades are taking Australia by storm, transforming drab properties into elegant, sophisticated modern marvels. Whether you own an older home, new build or a commercial premise, a glass balustrade could be exactly what you need to give your property the lift it has been calling out for.

In this blog post, we’ll highlight all you need to know about why glass balustrades make so much sense and are a great choice for any environment.

Customisable to Suit

Every house is different, so no two installations are ever the same. Here at RAILSAFE we are passionate about the balustrade industry and helping our customers bring their design dreams to life. We’ve installed sophisticated glass balustrades in everything from freestanding homes to apartments and offices, and the finished results are always a sight to behold.

Glass balustrades are most commonly installed on balconies, but can also be used for patios, staircases, raised decks, poolside and levelled terraces. No property layout is too difficult, we can work in close consultation with you to achieve a design and style which compliments the aesthetics of your property.

Frameless, Semi-Framed and Fully Framed Glass Balustrades

Many people choose to install glass balustrades as a safety barrier, but that doesn’t mean your balustrade needs to be ugly! No matter whether you choose a frameless, semi-frameless or fully framed glass balustrade you can rest assured that the finished product will be modern, safe and compliant.

Our glass railing systems are designed to be tough and durable for the Australian climate, so you can expect many years of service from your new glass balustrade.

Glass VS Steel or Aluminium Balustrades

If you aren’t already aware of the benefits of glass, allow us to fill you in. We’ve all seen the familiar aluminium and steel balustrades which line properties around the country, they’ve been the go to choice for decades, but times and tastes have changed. Designers and architects now favour minimalistic design and style, and that’s exactly what you get with glass balustrades.

Glass balustrades maximize the available light to create an open, airy ambience and illusion of having more space. Our glass panels are made from toughened glass, meaning you and your family will enjoy maximum safety and durability in all conditions. It is possible to utilise stainless steel within your glass balustrade without having it take over. Steel railings are an ideal choice for your frameless glass balustrade as it provides excellent strength, fire, heat, corrosion and impact resistance to maximize service life. Glass balustrades by Railsafe are compliant with Australian Standards, and we only use quality fixings to ensure optimal fit and integration.

Quick and Professional Installation

Our fully licensed installation team bring with them a wealth of training and experience, and they are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to ensure outstanding results every time. Installation of glass balustrades can be completed within a short space of time – all you need to do is provide us with access to power and water and we’ll have everything done before you know it.

Railsafe – Glass Balustrade Experts

With glass balustrades there are no compromises. If you want to join thousands of other Australians who are enjoying protection from the elements which looks great, is easy to clean and fully complaint with safety regulations then we invite you to get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to show you just how good your pool area or balcony could look with one of our ultra-modern glass balustrade systems.

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