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Commercial Applications of Glass Balustrading

Bars, restaurants, cafes, listen up! If you have available street-facing real estate that is subject to ugly design mechanisms look no further and invest in a remodel. Including glass balustrading at your venue creates a light and airy vibe and opens up space previously occupied by chunky brick, stone and wooden railings. Glass balustrading has many commercial applications, all of which result in an aesthetically pleasing project that feels amazing to be in following completion. Safety is another element to consider when your street-facing realty is under question, and it’s certainly worth considering that glass balustrades may achieve a higher safety rating than open balconies or balustrades.

Street-Level Outdoor Areas

At street-level venues, outdoor dining or smoking areas often rapidly become grimy following rain and other poor weather. This is especially true on city blocks where the hallmarks of pollution: stains and dirt, can be found everywhere. Replacing outdoor railings can provide shelter from traffic and weather as well as complement the aesthetic of your indoor space nicely. Glass balustrades actually give the appearance of more space because of their transparency and add a sparkling aesthetic element to any venue. Your outdoor spaces will sustain a much cleaner atmosphere following the installation of clear glass railing and your patrons will undoubtedly appreciate the body cover when hanging out outdoors.


Balconies overhanging the street can be claustrophobic if no view of the street below is provided. This is particularly true whenever there is a ceiling over the balcony. By investing in glass balconies, you ensure the comfort and satisfaction of your patrons and add an exclusive design element to any outdoor balcony. Glass balconies also ensure your patrons are more careful which is particularly poignant in pubs and bars. Full-height glass balconies also offer heightened safety to patrons and pedestrians below compared with their three-quarter height counterparts.


Railings overhanging the exterior of properties can readily be replaced with glass substitutes to provide a clearer view of the architectural design of your building. Glass railings are inviting and providing a welcoming initial impression of your building. Glass also has a long life cycle and resists damage from the weather with ease. Glass railings are much easier and more affordable to clean than brick or stonework railings, and many business owners prefer to operate with glass railings over anything else on the exterior of their premises.

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