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Are Glass Balustrades Safe for Children and Pets?

There is no shortage of hazards within and around the home, but your balustrades should not be one of them. Children and pets are inherently curious and love to explore the environment around them, so it is worthwhile taking a moment to consider ways of enhancing home safety. Rather than opting for balustrades with large gaps between them, you may wish to consider installing a new glass balustrade. Not only is this the safest choice, it is also the most aesthetically appealing. Here’s a few reasons why glass balustrades are ideal for families with young children and/or pets.

Enhance Your Stairways

Children love to climb stairways, but they can also pose significant danger if they do not meet current design regulations. Many older homes have stairways with riser gaps larger than the current specification of 125mm, and this could allow children to become caught between the stairs. Solving this is simple, as you can place wooden panels or install wiring to reduce the gap.

The next thing to consider will be your staircase balustrade. Perhaps your current stairway utilizes a wire balustrade, or maybe no balustrade at all? In these situations a glass balustrade can be installed to enhance safety by eliminating gaps and fall hazards, bringing your property up to date with current design regulations and keeping your children and pets safe.

In addition to safety, glass balustrades are also popular for their transparency, so they complement modern architectural features such as floating wood stairs beautifully.

Eliminate Climbing Hazards

Some types of balustrades are easier to climb than others. Wire and horizontal rail balustrades in particular pose a climbing risk for children. A balustrade made from toughened glass on the other hand is strong and near impossible to climb. Furthermore, there are no small gaps for children to poke their hands and feet through. Whilst you might need to spend some time cleaning up your children’s fingerprints on the glass, the peace of mind knowing that your children will not be tempted to climb is priceless.

Shatter Resistance

You may have some concerns about the safety of glass around children, but rest assured that with toughened glass balustrades there is no need to worry. Railsafe balustrades are known for their exceptional durability, so if your children are known to throw toys around, play ball games or fight with their siblings you don’t need to worry about the glass being smashed.

Quality Assured

Railsafe have been supplying Sydney property owners with quality balustrade designs for over 25 years. We have a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and our team always take the time to learn about your needs and guide you towards making the right design decision. We believe glass balustrades to be the safest and most attractive choice of balustrade for residential homes, and all our designs are compliant with Australian Standards and Building codes. Every sheet of glass is inspected by our quality control team before being approved for use. We also offer a seven-year warranty, and all installations are performed by our experienced engineers and installers to ensure a professional installation.  Rest assured that we take safety just as seriously as you do, and we’re sure you will be thrilled with the results.

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Whilst children should always be supervised when traversing staircases or playing near balustrades, there is no denying that a glass balustrade is a great way to enhance safety around the home. If you are looking for award winning balustrade designs with superior craftsmanship, look no further than RAILSAFE.

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