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Aluminium and Glass Balustrades in Apartment Buildings

Glass Apartment Balustrades

With new apartment buildings being built all the time, older apartment owners may feel the need to upgrade the façade of their building to remain competitive in the real estate market. One great way to do so is to invest in a set of new glass and aluminium balustrades for the balconies. Doing so ensures premium safety for residents and guests using the balcony. A new frameless glass balustrade looks attractive and can do great things for the value of your property too.

Railsafe are Sydney’s experts in new glass and aluminium balustrade remedialinstallations. We have experience installing railings at commercial properties all across the city. Our high quality components ensure the best possible outcome for your building and its occupants when you employ us. We are fully licensed and insured to conduct building works over the value of $5,000. We fully comply with building codes at all times. We provide all quotes for free following an inspection and always charge affordable fees at each job site we work on. Trust in our ten years’ experience and rely on our professionalism and courtesy at all times.

One of the many reasons to hire us to redo your building’s balcony balustrades is when your building experiences natural wear and tear. Older stone buildings may experience degradation of the brickwork supporting balcony railings. These can collapse when placed under duress. There’s nothing worse than a lawsuit due to negligence at your property. If you think the balconies at your apartment are wearing down, contact the professionals at Railsafe today for a quick and effective job. We will ensure the building is safe again as soon as possible by using high quality aluminium and safety glass.

Another good reason to invest in upgrades to the façade of your building is for aesthetic purposes. If your building is losing demand from prospective tenants because it appears outdated or faded, a fresh perspective can do wonders at building trust in your building again. Sparkling clean glass and a shiny aluminium balustrade handrail are visually appealing and will make your building looks modern. Powder coating can be applied to aluminium railings to alter their aesthetic. This all can increase the value of the property.

Railsafe are able to fully manage your project from start to finish following acceptance of a quote. We supply all materials and labor used during construction of custom balustrade systems and are fully certified to complete the work. We have been designing, manufacturing and installing glass pool fencing and glass panel balustrades in Sydney for over a decade now, so don’t delay any further if you are reading this, call us today. 

We are open for trade from Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 5:00pm, call us on 02 9905 8773 to begin uplifting your building’s balconies with a wide range of top rails and glass balustrades installed by Railsafe. We always deliver exceptional customer service and genuinely look forward to your call.


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