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6 ‘Need to Knows’ About Pool Fencing by Railsafe

About to take the plunge and install an aesthetically pleasing, safe and modern pool fence? With the end of the year fast approaching, now is the time to get the ball rolling. Railsafe would love to be your chosen pool fence provider, and in this blog post we’ll be filling you in on the top 6 ‘need to knows’ about our pool fencing range and how it can transform your pool surrounds.

  1. Free Quotations

We know that making a large purchase can become overwhelming, but don’t stress as we are committed to customer satisfaction. By obtaining a free consultation or quote, you can be assured that your glass pool fence will be exactly how you imagined it. During this stage, we take a close look at your poolside area to determine optimal layout and necessary materials. For example, we need to consider waterproof membranes, timber supports, tiling, concrete, concrete rebates, core drilling and more. It’s far better to have a clear plan in place than to get to the end of the job only to discover preventable damage or something not quite right, leading to further remedial work and potentially extra expense. Save the hassle and get a clearer picture, call us now and we’ll take you through our range and create a custom solution to suit YOU.

  1. Cleaning is a Breeze

All pool fencing will start to look shabby if it is neglected, but glass pool fences can be cleaned quickly and easily with hot soapy water and a cloth. You can also help to protect the glass by using a liquid wax coating, similar to what you would use on your car, which will help to reduce the amount of debris and bird droppings sticking to your glass. If you want your pool fence to look its best all year round, you should try to clean on a monthly basis.

  1. Minimum Pool Fence Height in NSW

Pool fences surrounding NSW pools must be at least 1200mm from ground level, and the gap from the bottom of the fence cannot be more than 100mm.

Keep in mind that some factors can impact fence height. If you have any protrusions, you will need to either remove them or add additional height to your pool fence. Adding height to your fence can increase safety whilst also providing protection from the wind. Keep in mind that older children and teenagers may still be able to climb a pool fence. It is important that all pool users have a strong understanding of pool safety.

  1. Our Pool Fences are Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we only use the best quality Australian manufactured products which have been quality certified by Australian engineers. We also supply a 7 year warranty which covers products, workmanship, fixtures and fittings for your peace of mind. If you encounter any issues within 7 years of installation, simply contact us and we’ll resolve them.

  1. Australian Standards Compliant

Pool fences and balustrades serve a critical safety role, and we make no compromises. All products supplied by Railsafe are compliant with Australian Standards AS 1926.1-2012, AS 1170, 1170.01 – 2002, AS 1170.02 -2011 of the Building Code of Australia. Pool fence and balustrade glazing is also compliant with AS 1288 2006 of the Building Code of Australia.

Many falls and accidental drownings can easily be prevented through the installation of a high quality, carefully designed and compliant fencing solution. Rest assured that Railsafe puts the safety of our customers first.

  1. We Are Licensed and Insured

Installation of pool fences and balustrades comes under the Building Act 1993, and installation can only be carried out by registered building practitioners. At Railsafe we have a full-time team of professional engineers and installers who are licensed and insured. Our team bring with them a wealth of experience, high level qualifications and knowledge. We aim to deliver quality installations that will stand the test of time.

To obtain an obligation free quote, please get in touch with us today on (02) 9905 8773, or submit an enquiry through our website.

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