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6 Benefits of Glass Balustrades

Benefits of Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are an amazing way to enhance the façade of any building. They are most commonly used on balconies, to support stairways and to provide safety and security. Primarily made of glass and steel components, glass balustrades have become extremely popular due to their aesthetic and functional benefits. In the following post we detail some of the most prominent benefits a glass balustrade has to offer.

1. Glass Balustrades Owners Perceive They Have More Space

One of the most common reasons for investing in a glass balustrade is that it allows owners to perceive that they have more room to move in the building. This is particularly true when the glass used in balustrading is transparent. The transparent nature of glass balustrading makes the area appear even larger than what it is in fact reality. When used as a supporting structure in stairways, the illusion of space becomes more noticeable. The transparent border creates a more expansive living space.

2. Glass Allows Light To Pass Through It

As well as opening up the space, glass balustrades enhance a light filled room because they do not block sunlight or artificial light. Instead, they allow light to stream through their structure, enhancing the appeal of a room. This creates a more open, airy feel to indoor spaces by providing contrast via translucent shadows spread across the floor.

3. Glass Provides Style And Modernity To Interiors

One major benefit of installing glass balustrading is its ability to add a touch of modern sophistication to any building that it is fitted in. This will also be useful for you when you plan to sell your house as the value of the house increases with the investment. Not only that, the sleek, elegant style of a glass balustrade may certainly attract new buyers too.

4. Glass Is Easy To Keep Clean

Compared to steel or wooden balustrades, glass is seriously easy to keep clean. Commercially available glass cleaning products alongside a cloth are all you need to keep this home feature in tip top shape. Furthermore, any scratches or other minor damage to the glass surface can be restored by polishing the glass with chemicals available at your local hardware store or online. This is a major advantage over steel or wooden balustrades.

5. Glass Balustrading Is Strong and Durable

As well as looking sharp and contributing sleek vectors and translucent shadows to your home, your glass railing installation will last many years without requiring any maintenance. Australian standards for glass balustrades are very good. Despite the stereotype of glass constructions being quite fragile, glass actually is less permeable to damage compared to wood, which corrodes and chips after only a few years. Toughened glass thickness for balustrades gives them a long life. Glass ages very slowly, so changes to the structure are rarely visible to the naked eye. This provides a strong return on investment when it comes time to sell your home.

6. Glass Successfully Complements Other Building Materials

Glass is a very versatile material when considering elements of style. It’s dynamic quality means it complements other materials like stone, steel and wood, all of which can be used for the risers, handrails or banisters. The proportion of a balustrade made of glass compared to these materials provides a sleek aesthetic. Home owners also have the option to use opaque or patterned glass made from many colours and textures.

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