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3 Signs it’s Time for New Pool Fencing 

Government regulations stipulate that all residential pools must be surrounded by pool fencing. Whilst there’s no shortage of designs and materials to choose from, the most important factors are that your chosen pool fencing system is both effective and compliant. Environmental factors such as rain, wind and UV rays not only adversely affect the appearance of older pool fences, they also weaken the structural integrity and contribute to the development of rust around bolts and fixings. Modern pool fences are far more durable and aesthetically pleasing, so if you have an older pool fence in poor condition maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade. Railsafe are a leading provider of glass pool fencing Sydney, and in this post we will be sharing 5 common signs that your pool fencing is past its prime.  

1. Damage to the Gate or Locking Mechanisms 

The gate is the first line of defence against drowning, as it prevents children from entering the pool area unsupervised. It’s normal for the hinges and locks of gates to wear over time, and eventually they may even stop working altogether. This can compromise your pool safety, as it means the gate could be accessed with a gentle push or even blow open in windy conditions. Additionally, bent or broken sections of your fence can allow animals and children to squeeze through and enter the pool area. You should inspect your gate regularly to ensure it is functioning as normal. If any defects are discovered, repairs should be carried out immediately to maintain pool safety compliance.  

2. Pool Fencing Not Compliant with Current Standards 

Pool safety standards have been updated over the years, so it’s possible your older pool fence may no longer be compliant. Not all fencing installers operate in a professional and safety minded manner, so if you have any concerns about your pool fence or would simply like a professional inspection it’s worth getting in touch with a leading Sydney fencing company such as Railsafe. Modern pool fences must meet strict safety requirements with regards to gaps, CPR signage, height and more. Opting for a glass pool fence is a great way to bring your poolside area up to date with current Australian Standards, and it’s sure to be a stylish upgrade too.  

3. No Pool Fence? We Can Fix That 

Whilst pool fencing has been a legal requirement for many years in NSW, the reality is that many older Sydney homes lack pool fencing. This presents a significant safety risk, as people of all ages are at risk of drowning – even those who are older or have strong swimming abilities. If you currently don’t have a pool fence, there’s no need to worry. The team at Railsafe can carry out an obligation free site inspection and quote for a new glass or aluminium pool fence. Aluminium pool fencing is surprisingly affordable and does an excellent job at reducing the risk of drowning, but if you want to enjoy the ultimate in style and safety then you may wish to consider a frameless or semi-frameless glass pool fence. Rest assured that our team will find the right solution for your property and budget. 

Invest in Safety and Improve Your Property Today – Call Railsafe 

The above are just a few signs that it might be time to invest in a new pool fence to protect your loved ones and reduce the risk of drowning. A stylish glass balustrade could also add value to your home and transform your poolside area for the better.  

For pool fencing solutions which set a benchmark in style and safety, trust Railsafe. Contact us today on (02) 9905 8773 or email to arrange an obligation free quote.  

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