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Fixing Methods for Frameless Glass Balustrades and Pool Fences

Installing a frameless glass balustrade or pool fence is a great way to add instant impact and value to your property.  Whilst the finished results never fail to impress, it’s important to consider which fixing method you will use. Depending on the application, frameless glass can be side mounted, set within a structural channel or fixed in place using spigots. Each method alters the final appearance of your balustrading or fencing installation, so it’s worth considering the architectural style, surrounding environment and unique features of your property which you want to accentuate. In this blog post, we will be sharing some insight into each fixing method so that you can envisage and plan your new balustrade or fencing system with confidence.  

Three Popular Glass Balustrade/Pool Fence Fixing Options 

1. Side Mounting 

Frameless glass fences and balustrades can be attached to the outer face of a concrete slab using stainless steel anchor bolts. This delivers an aesthetically appealing look, and you will not see any visible fixings except when looking at the deck from the street or traversing the outer perimeter of the pool area. This can help to maximise the sense of space whilst retaining an uninterrupted view. The fixings are made from high-grade stainless steel which not only looks great but also holds up to harsh environmental conditions.  

2. Surface Mounting 

Want to add some visual interest to your balustrade or fence? Surface spigots may be a great option for you. These small ‘post’ like structures are installed into the floor surface (e.g. your pool deck, balcony) using stainless steel fixings or concrete and grout, after which the frameless glass panel is secured in place between the spigot. 

 3. Structural Channel

For the ultimate in minimalistic appearance, consider mounting your frameless glass balustrades within a recessed structural channel. The channel can be formed within the concrete slab, or an aluminium channel can be bolted to the substrate. The panels are held securely in place using construction grout. This option is ideal for individuals wanting to enhance the ‘open plan’ aesthetic of their home, whereby indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly merge.  

Making a Decision  

Ultimately your decision on which type of fixing to use will come down to personal preference and your budget. You may wish to consult with Railsafe prior to making a decision, as some base surfaces may be better suited to a particular type of fixing than others. Our installers have a wealth of experience in fitting frameless glass balustrades, and we can help select the right fixings for your unique circumstances.  

Rest assured that all balustrades, pool fences and fixings supplied and installed by Railsafe are manufactured to a high-quality standard, and all projects are backed by a 7-year workmanship warranty.   

With a range of award winning designs, professional service and competitive pricing, Railsafe are your trusted provider of frameless glass balustrade and fencing solutions in Sydney.   

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